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Why We Created Freedom Wealth Alliance

Why We Created Freedom Wealth Alliance

Financial advisors have a complex and challenging job. In addition to helping clients plan for the future, many advisors also wear several hats running their business. You may manage your team, direct your marketing department, deal with compliance issues, and worry about cash flow. At the end of each busy day, you might realize that you spend very little time doing the things that attracted you to the business in the first place.

Running a successful financial advisory practice is more complex than ever. With increasing regulations, technology, and competition, many advisors are burnt out and exhausted from keeping up. They may dream of the old days when their business was smaller and simpler.

This is where we come in. At Freedom Wealth Alliance, we provide a home for advisors who realize they could benefit from additional support. We help financial advisors seeking business growth, operational excellence, and compliance oversight. We created our firm to help you grow your business, become more efficient, and relieve your stress so you can do more of what you love.

Seeking a Better Solution

Kurt Rozman began as a financial advisor with more than 25 years of experience helping people improve their financial lives. Since the beginning, he has believed in offering his clients independent financial advice and having the freedom to do business the way he wants.

His passion for helping his clients and providing the best available service resulted in him outgrowing two investment firms. Finally, in what he considers his ultimate professional achievement, he set out to build his own R.I.A.

Kurt created Freedom Wealth Alliance out of his frustrations with the industry. He knew there was a better way to do business and dedicated his future to creating a solution.

His goal is to bring a framework of support but also business freedom to advisors who are passionate about helping their clients. His vision was to create a diverse team of financial professionals offering quality tools and products, without sacrificing independence and freedom.

Why Advisors Choose Freedom

Many advisors operate on an island, challenged to be educated about all areas of their business and critically low on time and resources. At Freedom Wealth Alliance, we provide unmatched independent advisor services designed to free you from the burden of day-to-day business management.

Our firm provides the resources of a high-performing team so you can spend your time doing what you enjoy the most and do the best, knowing that you have the highest level of support and technology behind you.

Imaging how your firm could grow with the following support:

  • An expert marketing system that tees up prospects for you so you can focus on meeting with potential new clients, not digging them up.
  • A highly organized back office that handles the operational nuts and bolts so you can stay out of the weeds.
  • An experienced team to handle all the legal, compliance, and energy-zapping issues that can impact your livelihood.
  • Three affiliation and branding options to allow you to retain your identity and firm branding but gain the credibility of a large established firm.

Discover The Freedom Wealth Alliance Difference

Advisors who choose to work with Freedom Wealth Alliance enjoy growing their business on their terms, but with the support of an experienced team. They enjoy worrying less about marketing, operations, portfolio management, managing staff, or day-to-day operations. With the highest level of back office support, they can work independently but not alone.

If freedom and independence is in your future, see how we can help you make the rest of your life the best of your life. Learn more about our firm and its unique advantages by visiting You can also email us at or call Kurt Rozman at 262-798-7979.

About Freedom Wealth Alliance

Freedom Wealth Alliance is a Registered Investment Advisor providing a home and multiple affiliation options for financial advisors seeking business growth and/or succession planning, operational excellence, and turn-key placement. We created this firm to relieve your stress no matter the stage of your firm. We take the burden of running the business off your back, so you can spend your time doing what you do best and love the most. If that means spending more time with clients and prospects, you can. If that means spending more time with your family, just do it. Visit and sign up for a free account to access all the tools and resources we have developed to help you transition to true freedom and business ownership.

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