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Independent Advisors

Being Independent But Not Alone.

Conceptually, being independent sounds wonderful.

Conceptually, being independent sounds wonderful. You’re free to do what you want, when you want, and with whom you want. It’s what our country was founded on. Unfortunately, independence without the right structure and resources to support you can be a nightmare.

At your current firm, you may be short on marketing support to generate a healthy pipeline of new prospects. You may be mired in the muck because you don’t have the right operational support. And you may be wearing too many hats, which leaves little time to meet with clients and prospects. You still love the idea of independence but long for more support.

Your Current Environment Vs. Freedom Wealth Alliance

Feeling overburdened with regulatory requirements?

We take care of the required compliance duties so you can spend your time with your clients.

Wearing too many hats?

You focus on being an advisor while we handle the administrative and back-office work for you.

Rising costs cutting into profit margins?

Our size gives us economies of scale and helps offest this burden.

Frustrated hiring and training staff?

We take care of staff training even for the team you bring over to us.

Falling behind the technology curve?

We invest heavily in technology to ensure our cutting edge tools are designed around your need for maximum efficiency.

Marketing, branding, and online presence need an upgrade?

We have talented marketers who will prepare and coordinate your marketing efforts so you look professional and approachable.

Missing structured workflows and operational processes?

Our workflow tools ensure complex tasks get completed on time every time with little input from you.

Feeling too chained to your office?

With our onsite staff and mobile technology, you can travel the world and be in touch with the home office as much–or as little–as you want while you’re gone.

Concerned there’s not much saleable value to your practice?

Our platform flexibility makes your book more attractive to the end buyer.

Too busy working in the business and not on the business?

With your time freed up, you can plug right into our training and business development programs, which make planning easy.
We created Freedom Wealth Alliance to put you in control of your business and your life. You get to determine your destiny. You get to reap the rewards of your hard work.
If freedom and independence is in your future, get in touch with us now to see how we can help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.

  • This firm maintains the highest standards, constantly striving to be the best of the best without sacrificing their integrity or core beliefs.

    Paul Serdynski, CFP
  • The key to independence isn’t running your business all on your own – but running it on your own terms. Freedom Wealth Alliance offers the flexibility, ownership, and control I want with the understanding that advisors own their book of business. To Live Well~Live Free is not just reserved for clients, it embodies the culture of the firm and its commitment to the advisor’s success.

    Adrian Zilvetti, Senior Vice President
  • In one word, “progressive” describes Freedom Wealth Alliance. This is my dream firm; a cohesive unit of advisors and support team driven by high ethical standards, and access to automated procedures to ensure I remain on top of my game in a way that gives me a good quality of life balance.

    Darren Liberski, Financial Advisor
  • I really enjoy the team concept in coming in to the office and sharing ideas with people of all different specializations within our industry. Additionally, the independence of owning my own practice while enjoying the benefits of a larger structure means a lot to my own business development and life balance.

    Shawn Hittman, Financial Advisor
  • I challenge anyone to find a better environment to grow their business, the right way, without sacrificing their freedom or quality of life.

    Shannon Smith, Vice President