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Freedom Net

Freedom Net

We studied the most productive Financial Advisors in the country. These are the trend setters the high producers, the Advisors who are at the top of their game. The ones you hope to never compete against in your home town. They all have these things in common.

  • Integrated Technology
  • Increased Efficiency
  • Electronic Workflow
  • Best in Class Tools
  • Operations Best Practices

We searched for ways to implement these drivers of success for our affiliates. We realized that whatever we did we needed ease of adoptability in order to achieve the high levels of success we were striving for. So, we created FREEDOM NET. Freedom Net is an industry best practice, best in class work platform designed to take your business to the next level.

Freedom Net

Freedom Net Features

Integrated Technology

By imbedding all your technology into a virtual desk top you can perform your job anywhere in the world that has internet. You can assign tasks and print documents to your office from thousands of miles away. You can rebalance portfolios, perform a virtual meeting, upload to Facebook or run reports without ever leaving your workstation.

Best in Class Tools

It’s no coincidence top advisors use the best tools available in the marketplace. Freedom Net makes available these same tools that are normally only available to the top advisors in the country. These tools normally cost hundreds of thousands of dollars annually for most offices. Because of our scale and size these tools are available to you without any additional costs. Best In class reporting, marketing, investment modeling and workflow. Your firm deserves best in class client service standards.

Operations Best Practices

Understanding what needs to be done, who needs to do it and the most efficient way to accomplish each task is the heart of best practices. This expertly designed best practice training, workflow and implementation are just a few mouse clicks away. This step by step process has redefined the service model to allow even a rookie advisor or assistant to perform at levels rivaling the most productive teams in the industry. All the needed process, procedures and task assignments have been meticulously crafted to create a team wide 5-star client experience.

Increased Efficiency

While technology is part of the equation to increase efficiency. The more important piece is adoptability and interface with your tools. Freedom Net mirrors some of your favorite electronic devices making ramp up almost effortless. It’s as easy to use as your iPad or Smart phone. All the most common functions are displayed in colorful Icons. Your tasks can be performed with as few clicks as possible and doesn’t require you to remember dozens of passwords. One Password is all you need to remember; the system does the rest. Finally, you can do more for your clients with less effort.

Electronic Workflow

Proper client service requires multiple tasks to be performed across several service members in any given day. Decreasing profit margins are forcing Advisors to handle more client assets compounding this challenge even further. Imagine the entire service team in the loop with what needs to be done and what’s already been completed. Our one button workflow allows you to assign a task to any member of your team and record a work history, the system can even notify you of task completion if you want. You and your staff can do more and service clients better without anything slipping thru the cracks.

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