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You worked hard to build your business, now it’s time for the next phase in your life.

It is the time in your life for a change?

You have advised people on retirement your entire career, but now you find yourself on the other end of that journey. If it hasn’t started yet, there will be a sorting of emotions and a lot of questions that come to mind as you make this next step.

  • How do I maximize this transition for my family and my clients?
  • What are my roles and responsibilities?
  • How much is my business worth and how can I be sure I will get paid?
  • Will my client relationships be handled with the same level of care that I provided?
  • What are the risks and how do I best handle them?
  • What resources are available for me to understand my options?

We understand your situation well. We have the experience and resources to get the answers necessary for your peace of mind. At FWA, we have successfully acquired, merged or aligned with financial advisors of all sizes and experience levels. After an initial meeting to see if there is a good fit, our process starts with understanding what your ideal transition looks like.

  • Is there a fit? (firm culture, client interactions, beliefs, process and procedures).
  • What are your goals, for you and your clients? (All decisions revolve around this).
  • Understanding your current business structure and service model. (Products, Staff, Client interactions).
  • Sign an NDA and exchange financials.
  • Establish a neutral 3rd party for business valuation and legal counsel. (This can be done jointly or separate, FP Transitions, Successions Center, John Fury, or other reputable providers).
  • Set up roles and timelines for each person involved (This can be the most critical component of a successful transition).
  • Document preparation and assigning the most effective delivery method for each client.
  • Client interaction (this can be done in phases, or all at once, we have experience with both).
  • Celebrate your successful transition (We’ll bring the Champagne!).

While we recognize there’s more to do than this, there is no better substitute for experience in times of transition. We have been part of many successful transitions, let us help you with yours.