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The Woes of the Wirehouse

It sounded so good when you joined the wirehouse. A large, well-known brand with all the resources needed to build a great business. But over time you began to realize—you’re working at the mercy of a corporate giant who’s focused on their goals, not yours. You lost your freedom a long time ago and now you’re longing for it. You want to control your destiny and reap the full rewards of your hard work instead of letting the corporate parent siphon off the fruits of your labor. Are you fed up? If you feel any of the following frustrations in your job at the wirehouse, Freedom Wealth Alliance may be your solution to end the agony.

Wirehouse Vs. Freedom Wealth Alliance (the wirehouse broker alternative)

Does compliance squash your best marketing ideas?

Our compliance solutions team focuses on “here’s how you can do that” rather than just saying “no.”

Short on marketing assistance?

We offer turnkey marketing support including the latest online tools.

Is your technology falling behind?

We aim for total and seamless automation with the latest and most relevant technology for your peace of mind.

Stuck with “suit off the rack” service tools?

You gain access to flexible and customizable relationship tools for increased efficiency.

Product list stuffed with "pay to play" providers?

You have expansive product choices from some of the nation’s largest custodians and specialty providers.

Does your payout keep shrinking?

Our competitive grid increases your payout the more you grow.

Not sure how you’ll monetize your practice?

You own the business, you reap the financial rewards from the sale, and we can help determine your successor and facilitate a profitable sale for you.

Feeling pressured to sell certain products?

You choose what products and solutions are best for your clients.

Little freedom in when, how, and where you work?

You are your own boss and this is your chance to redesign your life. You have the freedom to be on your own without being alone.

Are you lacking administrative support?

Our experienced support team handles the daily tasks so you can focus on what you do best.
We created Freedom Wealth Alliance to put you in control of your business and your life. You get to determine your destiny. You get to reap the rewards of your hard work.
If freedom and independence is in your future, get in touch with us now to see how we can help you make the rest of your life the best of your life.