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Investment Management

Investment Management

At the core of a financial advisor’s job is the due diligence, and fiduciary responsibility of managing your client’s financial assets. Advisors are expected to perform this critical activity along with a growing list of other duties being heaped on by regulators and competitive pressures.Problems surrounding Asset Management

  • Asset management has been the focus of much regulatory scrutiny and fines.
  • Retail pricing pressures on asset management have increased exponentially
  • Third party outsourcing has become less practical and more expensive.
  • Global markets have become increasingly complex, discipline in the investment process is critical
  • Securities selection, required due diligence, and management of client portfolios take time away from working with your clients, weakening relationships and making your best clients vulnerable to competitors.
  • Understanding and modifying risk is playing a more critical role to asset allocation and modeling requiring more time, and more tools

Our answer to Your problem

  • The Freedom Wealth Alliance Investment Committee provides guidance on global markets, geopolitical events, economics and their potential impact on investment portfolios.
  • Our structure saves you time and money. We do the heavy lifting by building, managing and providing communications to you and your clients, about their model portfolios.
  • Save time: pre- modeled the 4 distinct themes of money management (40+ to choose from)
    • Low cost ETF models
    • Value based models
    • Flexible risk models that change with market conditions
    • Specialty models for that client who wants a more custom approach
  • Save money: Our models are offered to all FWA Advisors at costs significantly less than most national 3rd party mangers offering similar programs.
  • Less headaches: the DOL, and Fiduciary standard has dramatically increased the required due diligence to substantiate your process is in the best interest of the client. In asset management this means lots of research, cost calculations and documentation to prove you have done the job your clients hired you to do.
  • Client approved tools and program materials to help you explain the many choices.