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Linger Longer

Option 2: Linger Longer

Your choice, Your schedule, Your lifestyle

The Linger Longer model is a valuation-based acquisition plan, coupled with a part-time semi-retirement. Semi-retirement allows financial advisors to simplify their lives and devote more time to non-work related passions, yet continue to stay productive by focusing on the aspects of the business they truly enjoy. With this semi-retirement, you can instantly enjoy the rewards of a career / balanced lifestyle. When you sell your practice and remain on board, everyone wins. We keep an experienced advisor, and your best clients continue to receive your great advice. You deserve to finally simplify your life, gain personal flexibility, and more time to pursue your passions. It is our goal to make this an attractive offering so that you continue to succeed for years to come.

What If…

    • …you could focus only on the enjoyable tasks of the business?

    • …you could pursue your true passions?

    • …you could work in the practice on your schedule and leave when you like, knowing that there is a dedicated team who is properly taking care of your clients?

    • …you had the freedom to work on site, remotely, or however you choose?
All of this IS possible through an affiliation with Freedom Wealth Alliance.As a semi-retired advisor, you can transition out of the daily grind of keeping up with compliance, trading, staffing, bill pay, or any activities of the business that you no longer enjoy doing. Instead you’ll focus on the aspects of your business that you love to do and the personal relationships that provide satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

The Linger Longer Lifestyle at a Glance

  • 2-3 day work weeks or a few hours per day
  • Focus on what you enjoy doing inside and outside of work
  • Freedom to live/work from anywhere
  • No responsibility for technology and its issues
  • No more writing checks to pay for anything in your practice
  • No management duties
  • No rigid schedules or routines
What’s Next?Why choose us? Freedom Wealth Alliance is a multi-clearing Hybrid RIA that can smoothly transition your practice and your team.  By affiliating with us, you can focus on what is most important to you and your practice without non-productive tasks always getting in the way. And, when the time comes, you will have a built in continuity plan and the freedom to enjoy a semi-retired lifestyle if you so choose.

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