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FWA Brand 1099 Advisor

Freedom to choose how you want to structure your career- FWA Brand 1099 Option

In the last decade we have witnessed the surge in financial advisors choosing independence.

Along with independence comes a host of added duties, the ones your broker-dealer did for you. These activities are mostly administrative and produce no direct income. At some point the illusion of a higher payout drifts further away, as your time is now split between hosts of non-income producing activities.

If your idea of independence is doing it your way, and earning more because you work hard on the activities that grow your income, then we might have a hybrid solution for you.

The FWA Brand 1099 Option

We have studied the most productive financial advisors in the country, you know the ones at the big Barron’s event each year. We have isolated their best practices into departments within our organization to support every aspect of your business.

  • Marketing – Turnkey campaigns, client appreciation events, auto blogging, email campaigns, seminars done for your clients.
  • Administrative support – never open an account yourself again, our highly trained staff will do this for you.
  • Investment management – Our investment management platform is competitively priced to allow you to earn more. We offer several portfolios, execute trading on your behalf and provide compliance coverage as required.
  • Class A office accommodations in our Brookfield office at no extra charge.
  • Flexibility – Multi custodial platform allows you to choose your best business arrangement.
  • Deluxe reporting and client engagement tools.
  • Complete compliance oversight – a necessity in today’s world, we help protect the value of your business.
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Compensation/Affiliation Package

Your payout is on each dollar earned and is paid out at your effective payout bracket. Payouts begin at 50% and climb to 85% at GDC of $1 million or more. Payout brackets are determined based on previous year’s T-12 and paid out the following year at that rate.

  • You own your assets.
  • No non-compete / No handcuffs, you’re free to leave whenever you like.
  • All advisory income is paid on the 15th of each month, for the previous month’s revenue. Commission revenue is paid 2x per month.
  • Like any business you will incur some additional expenses, like E&O insurance, custodial charges and optional software depending on what tools you prefer.
  • This affiliation option offers a low risk way to be independent. This Hybrid arrangement offers blending the best of both worlds. Independent but not alone.