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How Can I Become a Platinum Advisor?

How Can I Become a Platinum Advisor?

What is a Platinum Advisor? Platinum is among the most valuable metals on earth. The most valuable advisors should be viewed the same way. Therefore, we created the Platinum Advisor Designation. It is common in our industry for advisors to adhere to a minimum service standard. Platinum Advisors take service to a new level, where value exceeds expectations, and price becomes less relevant.

Our Platinum Advisor designation is a matter of commitment to superior service and knowledge standards, not just the minimum. Clients services by Platinum Advisors are assured by our strict standards of care that they will receive a comprehensive service commitment, along with a plan that will be maintained and refined throughout the changes in their lives as a client.

What’s In It For Me?

Advisors that adhere to a higher level of service frequently have the best compliance records, higher client satisfaction scores, more frequent higher quality referrals. In other words, when you give your best to your clients they give their best to you.

Our Commitment: Bringing Out the Best in You

The FWA Mentoring Program: We partner you with several of our Platinum level advisors, so you can see this process in action. You will sit in real life appointments and receive feedback from our Advisor Best Practice team members.

Ongoing Training: We maintain extensive training resources for you to continue your career development at your own pace. These are advanced digital training sessions accompanied with workbooks and videos.

Teem Meetings: In our weekly meetings, we discuss the current events that effect client emotions and how to navigate thru these events. We provide recommended action plans and suggested dialog to help provide perspective and value to your clients.

One on One Coaching Sessions: We have strategic relationships with some of the largest coaching resources in the industry. (certain costs may apply)

Service Standard Guidelines: Platinum level advisors adhere to a disciplined approach to each client relationship along with the tools needed to fulfill them.

While these are not requirements to become an FWA affiliate, for those financial advisors who want to take their career to the next level this may be the answer you were looking for. Soar like an eagle and finally experience true freedom. Join us at Freedom Wealth Alliance.