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FWA Investment Management Platform

FWA Investment Management Platform

Clients and regulators demand more from you every year and we know it can be tough to manage.  Global markets have become increasingly complex and the rate of change seems exponential. Regulators continue to push for proof of fiduciary and advisory efforts for the fees clients are paying. With these mounting pressures, it has become more time consuming and costly to manage your clients’ assets and grow your business to the level you hoped for.  You may be feeling squeezed and possibly not enjoying your career as much as you used to. The Freedom Wealth Alliance Investment Management Platform was built to help support you and achieve the freedom and success you’ve always dreamed of. The FWA Solution The FWA Investment Management Platform has been designed to provide you leverage for your business in a structure that fits your clients’ needs. Free up precious time by partnering with FWA to handle portfolio management, research, trading, communications and compliance so you can focus on building and maintaining client relationships.

Portfolio Management

Supported by the FWA Investment Committee, we offer over 40 portfolios across investment styles and risk levels including:

  • Quantitatively-Driven Tactical Portfolios
  • Global Opportunistic Portfolios
  • High Income Portfolios
  • Simple Allocation Portfolios
  • Low-Cost, Passive Index-Based Portfolios
  • Specialty Portfolios
  • Custom Portfolios


  • Offer clients a mix of professionally-managed investment solutions across one consistent platform.
  • Simplify client risk conversations utilizing the FWA risk qualification and categorization process.
  • Have direct access to the FWA Investment Committee to gain deeper insights into FWA portfolio performance and positioning.
  • Leverage client-approved market and portfolio commentary pieces to provide investment insights to your clients throughout the year.
  • FWA systematically monitors and dynamically rebalances portfolios to account for portfolio drift and client contributions/withdrawals on your behalf.
  • Access our enhanced web portal, reporting and client statements that are all tailored to incorporate the strengths of the platform.

Competitive Pricing As your partner, we offer this investment platform to all FWA advisors and affiliates at a wholesale cost below even some of the largest investment companies in our industry.  See our cost calculator for an estimate of how much more you could earn with Freedom Wealth Alliance.

Institutional Investment Consulting

Our financial advisors can partner with the FWA Investment Management team to support larger institutional clients that may need deeper investment insights and custom portfolios to be developed and managed.  Members of the Investment Management team can be available for client meetings and custom reporting can be created as needed by the advisor and the client. The Bottom Line We are a boutique firm that offers large firm solutions.  We believe in strong partnerships with our advisors because we truly believe this is in the best interest of the clients, advisors and the firm.  We welcome you to join us to build a prosperous, successful relationship for years to come. Please schedule your confidential inquiry today.