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Advisor Best Practices

Advisor Meeting Program — A.M.P.©

The Problem…

In today’s plain, vanilla marketplace where Investment
Management is commoditized, your career as a Financial
Advisor is more dependent on a top-notch service model
more than ever. However, with more demands being
placed on your work day every year, how can this be

Enter A.M.P © — FWA’s Advisory Meeting Program

A.M.P was designed by Advisors for Advisors. AMP
meetings are pre-formatted to allow best practice
execution for Advisors of all levels. Even beginner Advisors
can perform complex meetings with as little as 3 minutes
preparation once they get the hang of it. Clients prefer
this meeting format because meetings are thorough,
predictable and provide preapproved materials for the
client to take with them to discuss with others or refer to at
a later date.
Advisor Meeting Program

Electronic Workflow

Imagine a world where ONE CLICK creates an entire client experience.

  • Schedule a client meeting on over 24 Critical Life events.
  • A pre-meeting letter is sent.
  • The client receives instructions on what is needed to prep for the meeting.
  • The client receives a phone call confirming the meeting and completion of the prep.
  • The client receives printed meeting materials and a binder when they arrive.
  • All client binder materials are organized with meeting tabs and clients receive guidance about record retention and going paperless.
  • Clients receives instruction on who to call for all administrative tasks. This keeps your schedule open for more important business functions.
  • Clients are escorted into a meeting room and prepared for your presentation.

That is an everyday occurrence in an FWA office through our exclusive A.M.P© Program.

Isn’t it time for you to take your business to the next level?

Electronic Workflow

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