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Your Brand 1099 Advisor

Freedom to choose how you want to structure your career-Your Brand 1099 Option

If your revenues are in excess of $1 million per year and growing rapidly, you may want to consider payouts as high has 90% (87% Schwab). You hang your sign and pay your bills, we do the compliance oversight. You will also be eligible to use our low-cost investment management platform. These programs are structured around best practices, designed to save you time and money.

Fully Independent Option

This is the most independent structure we offer. FWA payouts rival direct custodial affiliation levels at most national firms

  • You own your assets.
  • No non-compete / No handcuffs, you’re free to leave whenever you like.
  • All advisory income is paid on the 15th of each month, for the previous month’s revenue. Commission revenue is paid 2x per month.
  • Like any business you will incur additional expenses.

This affiliation option will offer the greatest flexibility, but also require the largest time commitment. Rent, marketing, technology, payroll and many other expenses can add up quickly.

We encourage you to use our affiliation calculator to get the best picture of your options in a side-by-side comparison. Be sure to factor in a loss of income generating time to best understand your new venture.

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