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Bottom Line

  • You make money by referring qualified candidates that affiliate with our firm.
  • We make money my gainfully supporting their career growth over time.
  • We will conduct an intense direct mail marketing campaign directed at your calling list. 
  • Offer coordinated and supportive seminars or dinners, to introduce your candidates to our firm culture.
  • Be available on a regular basis to discuss possible strategy or campaign changes.
  • Maintain regular communications with you on any new discussions or changes in a referred candidate’s status. Each correspondence will detail, in chronological order, all communications made with your referred candidate, so you are NEVER in the dark.
  • We will honestly and objectively rate your candidate with our rating system of 1-10 to let you know how we feel about this candidate’s potential at our firm.
  • We have developed a profile sheet that best describes our ideal candidates so you are never confused about who would best fit our firm. (Click Here)
  • Quality never comes cheap, and we recognize your time has value. We pay top dollar for the most desirable candidates so you will continue to refer them to us.
  • Although we already have excellent tools and materials to assist you in your efforts, we will work diligently at improving any suggested change that we feel has merit.
  • Top candidates desire top firms, this is why we have a flexible multi-custodial relationship with LPL Financial and Charles Schwab. This hybrid platform will offer your candidates the strength they need to stay competitive in their career.

“We offer experience and expertise in doing successful transitions. Let us help with yours.”