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The CAP Program

Freedom Wealth Alliance “C.A.P.” Program

(Corporate Alliance Program)

You are an existing LPL Advisor, you are satisfied with your current custodian (LPL). You are at the point in your life that you are looking to make a change.

• Grow your Business?
• Acquire another Business?
• Looking to simplify your Business?
• Increased personal Freedom?
• Wanting a contingency plan in place?
• Thinking of a retirement arrangement, now or in the future?

The Freedom Wealth Alliance C.A.P. program could be a fit for you.

The Benefits Include:

  • Move Your business directly into one of our FWA Office suites (Brookfield WI)
  • Gain immediate access to professionally trained Admin support staff
  • Access to all FWA Technology (CRM, Deluxe Reporting, Company Intranet, Automated Workflow)
  • Client presentation and risk management tools
  • No technology issues wasting your time
  • Access to the extensive FWA customized managed model solutions  
  • Managed solutions at wholesale costs, saving you money
  • Onsite Portfolio Manager to help you grow your advisory business
  • Affiliation provides immediate continuity for you and your family
  • No more overhead costs, no rent, no staff, nothing tying you down.

The Transition Process:

  • Receive approval from LPL Corp (typically 2 weeks)
  • Rep payout agreement is signed (payouts 60-70% Gross Commission)
  • Affiliation agreement signed (1099 rep)
  • Intro letter sent to clients with new contact information
  • Rep receives new business cards, computer and services
  • LPL Statements reflect new FWA Logo
  • Client information is entered by our staff into your digital dashboard
  • You are ready to meet with clients in our “A” rated office suite