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What’s The Value of Your Practice?

What’s the Next Step in Your Career?

Sell your business and fully retire?
Transition out of your practice gradually?
Never retire?

At Freedom Wealth Alliance, you have a variety of options to fit your personal goals.

If you are looking for an opportunity to plan the eventual sale of your business for the maximum value, or to transition your practice to another advisor, we can help. We know that independent advisors are increasingly interested in planning for an eventual business succession and we have the experience, resources, and capital to get it done.
Practice Valuation Calculator
The Freedom Wealth Alliance Resources Include:
  • ·  Succession planning support to build a customized practice transition on your own terms and timeframe.
  • ·  Practice valuation and optimal deal structure guidance.
  • ·  Flexible practice buy-out structure to reduce the risk of diminishing your practice value.
  • ·  Potential reduction of infrastructure costs and tax liability as you initiate your transition.
  • ·  Partner for practice continuity with a highly-trained team of advisors who can serve your clients, ensuring your legacy of service and dedication.
  • ·  Succession funding options to help you reach your goals.

Option 1: Sell Your Practice – Pursue – Your Passions!

Option 2: Practice Transition – Gain Freedom! Transition from your practice at your own pace and continue to work full or part time.

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