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Align for Continuity

Option 3: Align with us for Continuity

We will serve as your business successors when you want to retire, and/or if something unforeseen happens in your life. Develop the continuity plan that you and your clients deserve and avoid the disasters of financial advisors who pass without a plan in place for their families, staff and clients.

Your personal values and hard work have given your team and your clients a good reason to believe in you. The thought of handing the keys over to another firm or advisor can be a difficult consideration. Imagine finding a team that also has great ethics, a track record of successful transitions, and with no demands for you or your staff to leave. The best of both worlds? We believe that Freedom Wealth Alliance offers such an opportunity.

What If…

    • …you were to affiliate with a team that shares your high standards and ethics, a track record for successful transitions, and no demands on you or your staff to leave the practice?

    • …you could delegate many of the time-consuming, freedom-robbing functions you would rather not do and only focus on the part of your practice that you enjoy?

    • …you could design a workday around your goals and lifestyle without sacrificing client service, investment performance, or quality of advice?

    • … you had a solution for your retirement and a continuity plan for your practice if and when you decide to step aside?
All of this IS possible through an affiliation with Freedom Wealth Alliance.What’s Next?Why choose us? Freedom Wealth Alliance is a multi-clearing Hybrid RIA that can smoothly transition your practice and your team.  By affiliating with us, you can focus on what is most important to you and your practice without non-productive tasks always getting in the way. And, when the time comes, you will have a built in continuity plan and the freedom to enjoy a semi-retired lifestyle if you so choose.

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