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Affiliation Options

Freedom Wealth Alliance Affiliation Options and Payout Structure

We give you the freedom of choice coupled with the wealth of a competitive payout structure.

FWA Brand/Milwaukee Branch/W-2 Advisor
Ideal for advisor who...
Wants a predictable income stream
Wants to focus on working with clients, not rainmaking
Does not want the responsibility of ownership
PAYOUT: Fixed payout of 40% of trailing 12 months revenue to be adjusted annually for the upcoming year on Dec 31st. No formal Grid applies. Rep may also be eligible for a bonus on a quarterly basis for the previous quarter’s activities.
FWA Brand/Preferred Location/1099 Advisor
Ideal for advisor who...
Wants to own their practice and function with total autonomy
Wants the camaraderie of a branch and the support services that go along with it
Is located in one of our targeted geographic areas
Works in a targeted city including but not limited to: Milwaukee, WI, Miami-Tampa-Sarasota-Orlando, Florida, Scottsdale-Phoenix, Arizona, Chicago-Suburbs, Illinois, Houston-Dallas, Texas
PAYOUT: Payout grid adjusted annually based on the previous year’s trailing 12 months revenue. Adjustment is calculated on Dec 31st for the upcoming year beginning Jan 2nd. Once the representative reaches the next pay out level all dollars are paid out at that level for the next calendar year on a first dollar basis for that payout level.
Payout starts at 50% for up to $249,999 in gross and rises to 85% at $1 million plus in production.
Your Brand/Any Location/1099 Advisor
Ideal for advisor who...
Wants to self-brand
Doesn’t want the full responsibility of compliance, supervision and daily regulatory tasks
Uses Freedom Wealth Advisor as their RIA
PAYOUT: Flat payout level of 90% on all RIA activity*

Other notes:

* 87% for non LPL RIA activity.

— Flat payout 90% of Annuity concession activity.

— Payout is calculated after broker dealer concession per asset category. Advisor must consult each custodian for a detailed breakdown of related concessions.

— Contact us to see the list of Hybrid Fees for additional securities.

Disclaimer: The above fees schedule is for illustration purposes only and may not include various forms of investment vehicles such as alternatives and other structured product. Please refer to the Hybrid list of fees for a more in-depth list of other products.

We invite you to discover the affiliation that works best for you. Please contact us for more details.