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Do You Have Work-Life Balance As An Advisor?

Do You Have Work-Life Balance As An Advisor?

As a financial advisor, clients depend on you to help them make important decisions that impact their lives. The stress and demand of the position can make it tough to help yourself as much as you help others. Advising is a complex, challenging job. It’s not easy prioritizing your own needs above those of your clients; you may feel selfish, but it’s as crucial to your success to do so as any work you do for the business.

A healthy mind makes sound decisions, which is what you’ve built your financial career on. Let’s go over what you can do to ensure a healthy lifestyle when evaluating your work-life balance as an advisor.

Communication And Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest keys to your work-life balance is quite simple. We often assume we have our bases covered, but this isn’t always the case. One pillar of a healthy balance is communication, and there are three parts to that communication:

    • Communicate with clients
    • Communicate with friends and family
  • Communicate with yourself

Communicate With Clients

The benefits of communicating with clients are clear for an advisor. Maintaining a passion for helping the client and providing the best available service can derive from good communication. Depending on the relationship, it’s wise to check in on a regular basis – weekly is a good start. Frequent conversations will strengthen your relationship while ensuring that you catch any concerns the client may have before they escalate. Any unaddressed issues could eventually consume more of your clients’ and your own time and energy.

Communicate With Friends And Family

Communicating with friends and family is important, too. It’s great to have work friends who you can celebrate or commiserate with. However, don’t limit your social life outside of work because having work friends fills that need. Without enough contact from those outside your business circle, it can feel like you’ve never left the office. The mind needs a change of pace to be effective, and a refreshing change is spending time with people you care about. Even an occasional phone call helps diversify your attention.

Communicate With Yourself

Perhaps the most important form of communication is internal. Understand what your behavior and moods are telling yourself. Since you’re the only one who truly knows how you feel and what you need, pay attention to the direct and subconscious signs from yourself. Benefits to your financial career aside, this is necessary for anyone to have a healthy work-life balance. You may dream of the old days when the advising business was smaller and simpler. Take some time out of your day (maybe once a week) to treat yourself no matter how simple. Don’t ignore the warning signs of fatigue or burnout, or eventually these signs can become apparent to clients whether you realize it or not.

Planning is also important to your mental health and goes hand in hand with communication. When you plan that weekly meeting with a client, make sure that time is devoted entirely to them. People can easily perceive when your mind is elsewhere or distracted, and they may feel less important from your lack of focus and attention. The same goes with the time you take for yourself. You can’t truly enjoy that ice cream cone or round of golf if you’re mentally at work.

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