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Technology That Matters

Technology That Matters

Why did you take the leap to become an independent financial advisor? Was it to make your own decisions, be in control of your time, or build a business based on your values and passions? According to an FPA Time Management and Productivity Study, only 13% of advisors surveyed said they feel in complete control of their time, (1) and that’s likely due to the many and varied responsibilities independent advisors have, such as running your business, marketing your brand, meeting with clients, and managing your team.

With all of these essential job tasks, it might seem impossible to achieve balance and focus on what’s most important to you: investing in your clients and growing your firm. We all have the same 24 hours in a day, and ideally only 8 of those should be working hours. With the use of integrated technology, you can effectively focus your time on the things that will make the most difference. Here are a few ways Freedom Wealth Alliance’s technology partners can transform your work life.

Optimize Workflow And Investment Management

Your job is to manage your clients’ money and get them closer to their financial dreams. But as an independent advisor, your practice is built around your personal capacity. If you spend all your time and energy watching the markets and managing account details, you will limit your growth. With the explosion of financial planning technology available, you can streamline your workflow while still providing clients with the best services and tools around.

Streamline Client Contact With Web-Based CRM And Social Media

It has been said that a good CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system is the hub of your business. (2) CRMs not only help you keep track of clients and prospects, but also save you time and help you close more leads. CRM software for financial advisors is constantly evolving and adding new features to make their products better, which only serves to take your firm to the next level. For example, Redtail now offers real-time secure text messaging for advisors to communicate with their clients, and other CRM systems integrate with services like Riskalyze, Microsoft Office, and eMoney, increasing your efficiency and solidifying your workflow.

Social media also offers incredible benefits for advisors who use it wisely, opening doors to new leads, inexpensive marketing, and brand recognition. Social media automation technologies disburse consistent content to your followers and keep you and your services top-of-mind.

Improve Your Efficiency And Automation

The more you automate, the better. Almost all leaders and managers know the importance of delegation, but if you don’t have a team to delegate to, you need to employ technology tools to automate basic tasks and processes. Whether it’s social media, email, or scheduling, automating will save you time and energy and reduce your mental load and decision fatigue.

Secure Your Clients’ Information

With weekly headlines of big-name companies and databases announcing compromised security, you need to find a reliable way to keep your clients’ information safe. And this includes more than just their financial details. You need to ensure that your email correspondence, paperwork, and even text messages are protected so that your clients will have peace of mind. If you scan documents into your computer or use paper files, you need a system to back up that information and create safeguards around your data entry. Many CRM and investment management systems place a high priority on data security and regularly update their software. They know that their business will fail if they suffer a breach, so they are just as invested in security as you are.

Enhance Mobility With Virtual Office Tools

One of the reasons you probably chose to become an independent financial advisor was the increased flexibility the role provides. You can work from home, a coffee shop, or on the road. But in order to do that, you need access to your work wherever you go. If you truly want to increase your productivity, you need to make sure that the time you set aside for work is efficient. Many technology systems for financial advisors offer remote access. Now you’ll never have to wait on a project because the information is on your desk at your office.

Are You Using Technology In Your Business?

The FPA research mentioned above also found that the key to productivity and maximizing your time is about spending more time on the right tasks in your business, the highest and best tasks that will make the most difference in your daily life and the success of your business.

But sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. Your days are already packed, and you may be wondering how you’ll find the time to research and implement the necessary technology to optimize your practice. That’s where we come in. Freedom Wealth Alliance exists to support independent advisors with the additional support they need. We help financial advisors seeking business growth and operational excellence, and we believe that leveraging technology that matters will accomplish that—and more. Learn more about our firm and our suite of technology tools we offer by visiting You can also email us at or call Kurt Rozman at 262-798-7979.

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