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What Does True Independence Mean To You?

Independent Financial Advisor

What Does True Independence Mean To You?

Independence means something different for everyone. For some financial advisors, it’s being able to set their schedule or run their own business, while for others it means having the ability to serve their clients as they see fit without influence from a company.

The Pain Points

Many financial advisors seek independence and switch from a wirehouse to a broker-dealer. However, they’re typically beholden to a broker-dealer who can change their business structure for any reason that suits them, rather than the advisor. In a sense, the advisor still isn’t entirely independent.

Through our experiences, we have encountered a host of broker-dealer changes that can cause several pain points for advisors. Such changes can drastically change the office environment and staff, result in payout grids and closed architecture, and demand more of an advisor’s time they could spend elsewhere.

However, you don’t have to settle for this experience. We have dealt with all of these pain points in the past when we were subject to our broker-dealer’s rules, so we understand what you’re experiencing. Too often, we were given new regulations and requirements to follow without a solution for the most effective ways to handle them. As a result, we had to take time out of our schedule rather than use resources like technology. The independent solution we offer can solve many of the pain points you might be experiencing.

Our Definition Of Independence

We believe true independence means you get to focus on what you do best and enjoy the most. Our goal is to free up your time so you can do just that. We are an independent RIA that provides a home and an unmatched set of services for financial advisors seeking business growth, operational excellence, and compliance oversight.

We created our firm with the objective of providing unmatched Independent Advisor Services. We aim to relieve your stress, take away your worries, and help you and your clients live well and live free.

How We Help You Attain Independence

By working with our firm, advisors gain the freedom they want to run their business the way they want, but with the support for the tasks they don’t want to handle. We provide a framework and support system to take care of the things you do not want to spend time on, like compliance, administrative support, technology, and portfolio management. This frees up your time to spend with your clients and maintain a work-life balance.

As a result, you get to make the move from advisor to business owner without handling the time-consuming tasks. We accomplish this in a few ways. For one, we oversee the industry requirements through efficiency in support staff, tech, and automation. We do not change our structure, such as payouts or staff unless it is beneficial to you. We have a vested interest in keeping everyone in our firm happy and growing.

Our objective is to provide independence and freedom through unmatched independent advisor services. These services include:

  • Multiple affiliation options to suit your needs
  • Various custodians for brokerage assets
  • In-house portfolio management and numerous styles and risk levels
  • Newest state-of-the-art technology tools to allow you to work from anywhere
  • Dedicated first-class service for your clients
  • Assets for purchase for quick growth of your business
  • Succession planning when you’re ready to retire or semi-retire

Our services are designed to address every aspect of your business needs so you can work independently, but not alone.

Next Steps

We invite you to take a look and see if Freedom Wealth Alliance is the right firm for you…and us. All it takes is one decision to change your life. One decision to start down a new path. You can learn more about our advantages by visiting You can also email us at or call Kurt Rozman at 262-798-7979.

About Freedom Wealth Alliance

Freedom Wealth Alliance is a Registered Investment Advisor providing a home and multiple affiliation options for financial advisors seeking business growth and/or succession planning, operational excellence, and turn-key placement. We created this firm to relieve your stress no matter the stage of your firm. We take the burden of running the business off your back, so you can spend your time doing what you do best and love the most. If that means spending more time with clients and prospects, you can. If that means spending more time with your family, just do it. Visit and sign up for a free account to access all the tools and resources we have developed to help you transition to true freedom and business ownership.

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