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Best In Class Advisor Tools: FWA Introduces A.M.P. – Advisory Meeting Program

Best In Class Advisor Tools: FWA Introduces A.M.P. – Advisory Meeting Program

You work tirelessly to gain new clients. You market yourself. You create efficient workflows and use technology to your advantage. You adhere to a top-notch service model to set yourself apart from others in your field. Then what?

According to a Northwestern Mutual study, 44% of Americans who work with a financial advisor say that their advisor doesn’t give them an understanding of their complete financial picture, and 59% say their advisor doesn’t give them tailored attention. (1) But when you only meet with clients once or twice a year, how do you develop long-lasting relationships with clients and provide them with the financial confidence they long for?

Have A Plan

If you want to maximize your client meetings, regardless of how often they occur, the key is to go into the meeting with focused objectives and clear communication. Your meetings are not just information updates, they are an opportunity to get to know your client better and gather more information, which in turn adds more value to the services you provide. That all sounds great in theory, but when your time is scarcer than ever and a large part of your job isn’t client-facing, you don’t have hours to spend preparing for your meetings. Is there a happy medium? A way to deliver an ideal client experience while also making the best use of your time?

Enter A.M.P. © — Freedom Wealth Alliance’s Advisory Meeting Program

At Freedom Wealth Alliance, the mission that drives everything we do is to relieve your stress so you and your clients can live well and live free. We do this by offering an unmatched set of services for independent financial advisors to help them grow their business, operate their business with excellence, and provide compliance and legal oversight. Just as we offer best practices, access to technology, and marketing services, we have also created the Advisory Meeting Program, just to help you make the most of your client meetings.

How It Works

Whether you are just starting out as an advisor or have been in the business for years, A.M.P. meetings are pre-formatted to allow for best practice execution. With one click, you can:

  • Schedule a client meeting covering 24 critical life events and financial concerns.
    • There are 8 core meeting topics, such as goal planning, tax reviews, estate planning, and investment risk, designed to be performed regularly to help create and update the critical data needed to provide expert advice. These core meetings also serve as a diversification tool. If all you do is asset management, you have all your eggs in one basket. The variety of services you provide in your core meetings grows your value and protects you from poor investment performance risk.
    • An additional 16 meeting topics provide advice and guidance for critical events in a client’s life, such as divorce, the death of a spouse, early retirement, Social Security, and more.
  • Send a pre-meeting letter.
  • Give instructions to your client so they can prepare for the meeting.
  • Confirm the meeting and communicate pertinent details by phone.
  • Offer printed materials and a binder to the client when they arrive for the meeting, including meeting tabs and guidance about record retention and going paperless.
  • Provide information to the client about who to call for administrative tasks, keeping your schedule more open for other important business functions.

Do I Really Need Help With My Client Meetings?

The result of this well-thought-out and thorough process is a client who is prepared for your presentation and has a stake in the outcome and an advisor who comes across as personal, professional, and knowledgeable. Clients walk into a meeting that is predictable, productive, and a solid use of their time. This solidifies the advisor-client relationship.

With practice, even beginner advisors can perform comprehensive meetings with as little as  three minutes of preparation. In addition to a clear agenda for all parties involved, A.M.P. gives you a directed checklist of key questions and talking points to move through each topic, access to our helpful calculators to help clients with their decisions, and an FWA-integrated client relationship management software (CRM) workflow that coordinates the delivery of service tasks within the office so nothing slips through the cracks. Think of A.M.P. as a complete client meeting package, with every detail covered from start to finish.

A.M.P. Can Make A Difference

At Freedom Wealth Alliance, we’d love to see your client meetings flourish. If you want to optimize your client interactions and use them as the foundation of your relationship, we invite you to reach out to us to discuss how A.M.P. can take your business to the next level. Learn more about our firm and its unique advantages by visiting You can also email us at or call Kurt Rozman at 262-798-7979.

About Freedom Wealth Alliance

Freedom Wealth Alliance is a Registered Investment Advisor providing a home and multiple affiliation options for financial advisors seeking business growth and/or succession planning, operational excellence, and turn-key placement. We created this firm to relieve your stress no matter the stage of your firm. We take the burden of running the business off your back, so you can spend your time doing what you do best and love the most. If that means spending more time with clients and prospects, you can. If that means spending more time with your family, just do it. Visit and sign up for a free account to access all the tools and resources we have developed to help you transition to true freedom and business ownership.



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