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Why Do Clients Really Choose An Advisor?

Why Do Clients Really Choose An Advisor?

With over 200,000 financial advisors across the country, clients have no lack of choices for who will help them manage their money. (1) But not every advisor is the same. The financial advisor clients choose can have a significant impact on their investment strategy, the fees they pay, and the confidence they have in their financial future. It’s not a decision they take lightly.

As a financial advisor yourself, do you know what these clients are looking for when they come to you? Here are some factors that clients take into consideration when choosing an advisor and how you can leverage them to build your business.

1. A New Level Of Service

Gone are the days when clients just wanted to sign up for a product and walk away. Consumers today want personal service that goes beyond their bank account. They want someone who takes the time to get to know them and offers something more than a cookie-cutter solution. And regulators have taken notice of this, handing out fines to advisors who don’t act in their clients’ best interest. (2)

At Freedom Wealth Alliance, we know that the number-one thing clients want from their advisors is that they listen to them and understand their needs. (3) That’s why we are aggressively redefining client service. Not only do we free you up from the many administrative duties that take time away from your clients, like compliance, on-site investment management, workflows, and technology, we also optimize your client meetings with our Advisor Meeting Program (A.M.P.©).

We know you entered this business because you want to make a difference in your clients’ lives. We give you a top-notch service model that helps you do just that.

2. Transparency And Trust

Thanks to the endless information on the internet and the many headlines about fraud and ethics issues, consumers are much more educated about the differences between the types of advisors, particularly the fiduciary standards for an RIA versus the commission-based stockbrokers of the 90s.

And since only 49% of Americans think that financial advisors are trustworthy, they aren’t going to hand over the reins of their financial life to just anyone. (4) Expect them to do their research on you, looking into your credentials, experience, fee structure, and code of ethics.

3. The Right Fit

More than fancy strategies and flashy products, consumers want a long-term relationship with the person managing their money. That’s why they search for someone who they not only get along with and are comfortable with, but whose passions align with theirs and whose philosophies they agree with.

That’s why referrals from friends and family are a key way for people to find an advisor they like. It’s best practice for advisors to replicate their favorite clientele through referrals and networking through hobbies and interests. Not only does this form of marketing work, but it’s fun too!

If you want to attract the right clients to your business, it’s time to redefine your ideal client and build your business accordingly. Our “pay to prune” program helps you hold onto your best clients and let go of the ones who are not a good fit, maximizing your time and energy. We handle your marketing and even purchase and service the clients you would like to let go of. Everyone benefits from the right fit.

4. A Load Off Their Back

Think about the daily lives of your clients. They have demanding jobs, families to care for, communities to serve, and the list goes on. They turn to an advisor so they can offload some of the financial stress in their lives. They want someone with knowledge and experience—someone they trust—to handle their money so they don’t have to. That doesn’t mean they don’t take their money seriously; they just want a partner to help them stay on track so they can enjoy their lives.

At Freedom Wealth Alliance, we know you want that too, not just for them, but also for yourself. As you carry your clients’ financial burdens, we carry your business burdens through our unparalleled suite of services, such as portfolio management, risk analysis software, workshops to educate your clients, client appreciation events, and the list goes on! You give freedom and peace of mind to your clients, and we give freedom and peace of mind to you.

5. Comprehensive Wealth Management

Financial planning is more than just saving for retirement. The financial landscape has become increasingly complex, with clients now having to deal with health insurance, taxes, estate planning, business ownership, etc. Each of these areas affects other aspects of their financial life, which means the slightest mistake or oversight in one area can cost them.

Does that mean you need to offer every single one of these services? No, but it does mean that you are up against a lot of competition from others in the industry. We help you through the complexities by providing the expertise your clients need access to so you can act as their quarterback, making sure all the elements of their financial life work together.

Grow Your Firm And Attract The Right Clients

Now that you have an idea of what clients want as they search for their future financial advisor, let us help you provide unprecedented customer service, transparency, relationships, and comprehensive services so you can build your business on a solid foundation. Learn more about our firm and its unique advantages by visiting You can also email us at or call Kurt Rozman at 262-798-7979.

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Freedom Wealth Alliance is a Registered Investment Advisor providing a home and multiple affiliation options for financial advisors seeking business growth and/or succession planning, operational excellence, and turn-key placement. We created this firm to relieve your stress no matter the stage of your firm. We take the burden of running the business off your back, so you can spend your time doing what you do best and love the most. If that means spending more time with clients and prospects, you can. If that means spending more time with your family, just do it. Visit and sign up for a free account to access all the tools and resources we have developed to help you transition to true freedom and business ownership.

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