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Are You Ready To Own Your Own Advisory Firm?

One of the luxuries in finance is that knowledge can be taken with you wherever you go. Knowledge is not specific to a region or country and is applicable through different economies. Opening your own advisory firm is a route to take for driven individuals looking to start a finance company. You can expand and grow as you please or remain a solo advisor.

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What Does True Business Freedom Look Like To You?

Whether you work at a large wirehouse or an independent firm, at some point you may find yourself craving more business freedom. To go a step further, you may even already have your own independent advisory firm, yet you still yearn for a more satisfying level of freedom.

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Do You Have Work-Life Balance As An Advisor?

As a financial advisor, clients depend on you to help them make important decisions that impact their lives. The stress and demand of the position can make it tough to help yourself as much as you help others. Advising is a complex, challenging job. It’s not easy prioritizing your own needs above those of your clients; you may feel selfish, but it’s as crucial to your success to do so as any work you do for the business.

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Are You Running Your Business Or Is It Running You?

The process of starting your financial advising business likely began with registering and filing the necessary paperwork with the state and SEC, writing your business plan, and hiring staff. Now, you’re set to be the president.

But many business owners feel their business is running them. Why? The primary responsibility as an owner is growing the business and marketing your product. No matter the size of your business, you can’t afford the time to solve minor problems that distract from the focus of creating new business.

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Independent Financial Advisor

What Does True Independence Mean To You?

Independence means something different for everyone. For some financial advisors, it’s being able to set their schedule or run their own business, while for others it means having the ability to serve their clients as they see fit without influence from a company.

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What Makes Freedom Wealth Different?

Freedom Wealth Alliance is not your ordinary advisory firm. Established in 2014, we left a large, national broker-dealer to create our own Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm because were were tired of limited products and corporate agendas. Since then, we’ve focused on establishing ourselves as a unique firm where advisors can worry less about marketing, operations, portfolio management, managing staff, or day-to-day operations, and more on what they do best: helping their clients.

While we’re not for everybody, for those who fit, there’s no better home than Freedom Wealth Alliance. We believe we stand out from a number of other firms for a few key reasons.

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Why We Created Freedom Wealth Alliance

Financial advisors have a complex and challenging job. In addition to helping clients plan for the future, many advisors also wear several hats running their business. You may manage your team, direct your marketing department, deal with compliance issues, and worry about cash flow. At the end of each busy day, you might realize that you spend very little time doing the things that attracted you to the business in the first place.

Running a successful financial advisory practice is more complex than ever. With increasing regulations, technology, and competition, many advisors are burnt out and exhausted from keeping up. They may dream of the old days when their business was smaller and simpler.

This is where we come in. At Freedom Wealth Alliance, we provide a home for advisors who realize they could benefit from additional support. We help financial advisors seeking business growth, operational excellence, and compliance oversight. We created our firm to help you grow your business, become more efficient, and relieve your stress so you can do more of what you love.

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